Folding Thoughts Chair.


With mobility and space awareness in mind, this piece represents an ability to sit back and relax, or perhaps to chat with a friend. As the theme suggests, folding thoughts lends itself to the most abstract of spaces, but feels quite at home in the living room too.

Designed to be compact, the seating unit detaches and is stored in the legs for shipping.


The first concept is shown. Mk2 will be in the works soon, working through issues of stability, rigidity and portability - with an aim to be able to pack it down and ship it globally and cost effectively.


Process: Thorough research into portability and shipping of products, furniture design and ergonomics. Concept sketching. Small scale sketch models of form and proportion. Full scale mockups and prototypes. Production of final chair (welding and upholstery outsourced).


Completed in 2012 - Massey University.