Hunter Safety Lab


A variety of collaborative projects at Hunter Safety Lab Limited.


Retail Packaging


A collaborative effort. My input included carton development and design including structural requirements and product configuration inside. Graphic design concept and collaboration on layout. Management of production and delivery.

Contributors: Michael Scott, Bron Thompson, Ben Wright, Richard Allardice.


Scope Mount Improvements


Input on the improvement of a second generation extruded and post-machined aluminium clamp. Requirement was for a stronger, more accurate unit capable of holding a sensor in alignment to 0.02 of a degree. Lead design by David Grove. Input and analysis of iterations on my part only.


Retail Point of Sale Display

Collaborative design and development of retail POS display for Hunter Safety Lab's IRIS system. Challenge was to display a new market creating product across two contrasting categories (soft & hard goods). This is an evolving solution undergoing trials in NZ retail stores.

Contributors: David Grove, Retail Dimension.


POS Video

Another collaboration to develop a POS Video that explains the IRIS system. My role spanned the entire process from conception to storyboarding and product renderings, overseeing voice-over and overseeing the final outcome.

Contributors: Michael Scott, Springload Team: Ben Wright, Bron Thompson & Adam Cansino.